What to do with leftover potatoes?

Recipes for leftover potatoes

Potato waste

We eat so much potatoes, ‘cause they’re tasty, not too expensive and easy to prepare. Cooked, baked, steamed,… The average Belgian eats around 28 kilos potatoes a year at home! Potatoes are highly consumed, but there’s a lot of waste is involved in the process.

In the production phase, as well as in the consumption phase. As Wonky tackles food waste worldwide, we want to give you some inspiration on how to prevent leftovers and provide recipes on how to use potato leftovers.

What to do with leftover potatoes?

At home it’s advised to store the potatoes dark and cool, and if possible in the original packaging.. Keep them away from onions and garlic for example, they encourage the potato to sprout. Because often potatoes sprout and develop green patches. They’re still fine to eat when the small bits are cut off and the potato eyes are removed.

When you got some potatoes left, you can find lots of recipes for leftover potatoes. From smashed potatoes to Spanish omelets, named tortillas. In this blog we give you some tips to reduce potato waste at home by trying potato leftover recipes. Here is some inspiration:

·      Smashed potatoes, what else?

·      Used them in a shepherd’s pie

·      Create your own croquettes

·      Prepare Gnocchi: mashed potatoes mixed with egg and whole wheat flour

·      Fill your samosas!

·      Add it to your soup to thicken it

·      Pimp your scrambled eggs

·      Try out Spanish tortillas

·      Savoury potato pancakes, DUH!


Why do we care about foodwaste?

Because 1/3rd of all food is wasted worldwide and most of it takes place at people’s homes. So, as we are all responsible, we can reduce food waste together by applying these easy tips & tricks. That’s why Wonky provides you with inspiration and recipes on the blog.  

Wonky creates healthy and tasty dips made of vegetables that would otherwise be wasted because of esthetic reasons. Since 2016 the Wonky dips can be found on the Belgian retail market and we’re planning to go international. Stay tuned! ;-)