Time to act and secure our food supply by changing your eating habits


It’s time to act

Our food supply is under pressure

Because of the global warming our global food supply is threatened.
And that’s alarming in a context of an exponentially growing population.
By 2050 we are expected to be with 9,7 billion people worldwide, which means population will grow with more than 25%. Knowing that at the same time our current food supply is under pressure, it’s time to act.

That’s why the climate panel of the United Nations came together to define priorities to stop global warming and secure our future food supply.
They stated that when we would eat less meat and reduce food waste, we could already counter the global CO2-emissions with 20%. Moreover, it could save millions of square meters agricultural land, where we could plant trees and build forests.

Climate change impacts our ecosystems and threatens our food supply.
And the way we cope with food and food production highly impacts climate change.
It’s a vicious circle that can only be broken by lowering our CO2-emissions.
It’s not only the responsibility of governments and companies, but most of all OUR responsibility, the responsibility of each of us.

Reduce your footprint by changing your eating habits

Let’s start NOW and reduce our footprint.
There are many ways to reduce your footprint, but when it comes to your food habits there are 2 important changes you can make: eat less meat and waste less food.

You could start to eat less meat, not necessarily in a radical way.
You have to find the right balance and your own tempo to reduce your meat consumption.
I try to not buy any meat anymore. It means I only eat meat when its served by friends or family.
It’s a personal choice and being a flexitarian is a perfect balance for me and my personal situation.

Here you can find my favorite vegetarian recipes:

And many more on our blog.

Vegetarian fatayers with Wonky dip

Vegetarian fatayers with Wonky dip

Reduce food waste in your own kitchen

You bought too much, you cooked too much spaghetti, you forgot about your avocados in the fridge, … There are lots of understandable reasons that make us waste too much food.
BUT, there are lots of tips & tricks to waste less as well…

  • Make shopping lists before you go to the store or buy your groceries online. That way you avoid buying too much impulsively. Oh, and eat something small before you go shopping to avoid being seduced by all snacks ;-)

  • Only accept fresh 1+1 promotions if you can eat it in time. It’s attractive, those 1+1 promos in store. Why wouldn’t you take the 2nd one with you? It’s for free?! Well, if it’s fresh and you’re not sure you’re going to eat it in time, don’t! Food waste has a high impact on climate change and every little helps!

  • Eat leftovers for lunch. No lunch better than a leftover! It’s a cheap, easy and tasty lunch!

As said, there are lots of tips & tricks on our blog.

If you want to eat less meat and tackle the food waste problem at the same time, try our delicious Wonky dips. Each dip is made of +50% rescued vegetables. It’s a perfect healthy and tasty add-on for your dinner, aperitif, tapas, salad, … and many more.

Helena Gheeraert