Let's get TOMATOES and help the farmers!


Let's get tomatoes and help the farmers!

Why tomatoes?

HOT*HOT*HOT! Due to the dryness in the last couple of weeks, there's an oversupply of fresh tomatoes. Tomato growers get less value for their juicy harvest and chances are high that lots of tomatoes will go to waste... UNLESS we all work together and go TOMATOES the coming weeks/months! And that's the Wonky mission: stop food waste together with you Wonky Heroes!

Therefore we provide you with some inspiration on how to consume an extra amount of fresh tomatoes. We will show you how you can process a bunch of tomatoes and preserve them for the future. Let's all get tomatoes and help our farmers!

tomato oversupply

Tomato inspiration

  • Home-made passata: perfect basis for every pasta or pizza - keep it fresh in sterilized jars for 3 months
  • Tomato soup: I know, too hot right now, but freeze a bunch of tomato soup and you'll thank me in winter times!
  • Tomato chutney: the perfect healthy topping for burgers - keep it fresh in sterilized jars - check out the recipe of Jamie Oliver
  • Recipe for a delicious and easy tomato pie or tart
  • Dried Tomatoes: Oh gosh, love them! It's easy to make them yourself, you know? Try out the recipe of Kitchn at home.
  • Bloody drink that Mary: the famous Bloody Mary cocktail is the perfect way to enjoy tomatoes as aperitif in summer! 
  • Tomato ketchup: an allrounder, this one - prepare your home-made ketchup for everyday deliciousness - check out the Jamie Oliver recipe
  • Tomato pesto or dip: Speaks for itself, yum! You like dips btw? Then definitely try our Wonky dips, made of fresh vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. Enjoy!
tomato recipe

So want to help out the farmers and stay healthy at the same time? Let's get tomatoes!