Holy WonkyMole! No food waste dips!


Holy WonkyMole! Zero food waste dips for you!

Wonky rescued fresh vegetables from food waste

45% of all fruits and vegetables are being wasted. Vegetables are very sensitive to damaging due to weather fluctuations or heavy transport. In addition, lots of ‘deformed’ vegetables are kept out of the shelves. They look less perfect and are therefore not sold to the supermarkets.

Of course, this is complete nonsense! These vegetables taste as good as the more perfect formed vegetables. And that’s why lots of retailers are already taking action by selling the so-called ‘funny’ vegetables.  

Wonky even goes one step further and processes vegetables that are seen as imperfect in delicious and healthy dips. That way more and more people realise these vegetables taste as good and that it would be a pity if they’re thrown away!

Why we rescue fresh avocados from food waste?

One of our products, the Holy WonkyMole, is a guacamole made of avocados that would’ve otherwise been wasted. It’s a delicious fresh guacamole dip which consists of 52% of rescued avocado’s.

How do we rescue these? And why do they need to be rescued?

Wonky collaborates with sorting centers that import avocados. In the sorting center the avocados are checked and selected for further distribution to supermarkets. The deformed ones or the ones that are a little bit too ripe or not ripe enough, are sorted out. These ones are rescued by us, Wonky!

We buy these “imperfect” avocados, but only if they also have an amazing taste! Because, of course, the tastiness and healthy characteristics of the avocados should be intact for our WonkyMole.

The imperfect but delicious avocados we use in our WonkyMole!

The imperfect but delicious avocados we use in our WonkyMole!

Next, in our production process, these avocados are manually scooped out and processed into tasty and healthy dips with the help of fresh herbs and spices, yum!

Finally, our Holy Wonkymole is distributed to the Colruyt supermarkets, where they are available for you! So don’t hesitate to try them out and rescue avocados together with us!

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