Easy and tasty vegetarian arepa's for a healthy dinner


Easy and tasty vegetarian ‘arepa’s’

Are you worried about the environment and do you try your best to contribute to a healthier planet? And are you looking for easy, healthy, vegetarian recipes that are good for your body and your health? Are you often stuck to the same, not so tasty recipes, and do you know no other alternatives? Then look no further, because Wonky often provides you with easy and tasty vegetarian recipes!

Did you already hear about the latest hype? It’s called arepa’s and they are a type of pita breads, coming from Venezuela. These Latin American sandwiches are made of corn flour, it’s a real delicacy and above this, they are very healthy! We jumped into the Latin American kitchen and made this yummy dish: pulled jack fruit arepa’s with salsa verde. Of course you can replace this salsa verde with the delicious dips from Wonky! 

arepa recept.png

The recipe for the arepa’s

The ingredients (4 people):

·       For the arepa's:

­   300g of precooked white corn flour

­   450 ml water

­   Sunflower oil

­   Salt and pepper

·       For the pulled jack fruit:

­   565g of Fairtrade Original jack fruit

­   2 tbsp honey

­   1 tsp paprika powder

­   ½ tsp cayenne pepper

­   ½ tsp garlic powder

·       For the salsa verde:

­   1 green chili pepper, seeds removed and finely chopped

­   ½ Onion chopped

­   2 Sun-dried tomatoes, chopped

­   2 tbsp capers

­   1 clove garlic, finely chopped

­   1 lemon, the juice

­   50 ml extra virgin olive oi

­   Salt and pepper

·       Of course you can replace the salsa verde with a fantastic dip from wonky:

­   Wonky paprika dip

­   Wonky carrot dip

­   Wonky cauliflower – truffle dip

­   Wonky guacamole dip  (highly recommended, as it’s a perfect match with the recipe) 


·       For the pulled jack fruit:

­   First you need to get the jackfruit out of the can and rinse this under cold water to remove the hard bits. Afterwards you pull apart the soft part of the jack fruit (this will give you a pulled effect). Mix the ingredients: Honey, a dash of sunflower oil, paprika powder, garlic power and cayenne pepper. When this is mixed well, you need to add the pulled jack fruit and mix it all together once again. When the mixture is ready, let it rest for approximately 2-3 hours. You can also fry the pulled jack fruit in a frying pan until it becomes crispy.

·       For the salsa verde:

­Put all ingredients for the salsa verde in a food processor and blend. If you don’t have these ingredients, or you don’t like salsa verde, you can replace this with one of our Wonky dips. This is also as delicious as the salsa, but will take no time at all! 

·       For the arepa’s:

­   For making the arepa’s, pour water into a bowl and then little by little add the precooked white corn flour. Afterwards, knead this to a dough and season it however you like. Divide the dough into the number of people you want to serve or by the size of the arepa you want. Roll small balls with the dough and afterwards make it flat until the dough has a thickness of about 1cm. You can grill the arepa’s for 3-4 minutes on both sides. When ready, cut the arepa’s in half and fill it with the pulled jack fruit and salsa verde. Of course you can replace the salsa verde with one of our Wonky dips.

arepa recept 2.png

We’re already inspired by this new trend, and we hope you will be too! Enjoy your meal!
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