COMING SOON... A NEW WONKY DIP! Curious? Read along!

The newest Wonky dip: Cauliflower-truffle

WHAAAA FINALLY! We have a newbie in Wonky town! 
It took a little longer than expected, because we really want to start from the rescued vegetable.

How Wonky develops new products

First we research what is left to rescue and how we can process it into a tasty and healthy dip. As opposed to other dip suppliers, we start from the existing vegetable surplus in the food industry. Why? Because Wonky wants to reduce food waste as much as possible!! Read our story via the link below...

As you might know we go for AT LEAST 50% OF RESCUED VEGETABLE in each of our dips. The texture of a dip purely made of vegetables wouldn't be that tasty... Therefore we always add some healthy extras, such as chickpeas, beans, other vegetables, etc. But in order to rescue as much vegetables as possible, we guarantee a minimum of 50% ! And it works out, 'cause for each paprika dip you eat, 52% it is made of rescued vegetables. For each carrot dip you eat, 57% is rescued. And now, with our new dip, we far exceeded the record with 72% !!

Rescued cauliflower with a touch of truffle

We are happy to present to you the newbie in Wonky town, our new Wonky dip: the cauliflower-truffle dip. It's the most creamy dip of our current product range, perfect as aperitif or as a spread during lunch time. 

Rescued cauliflower? 
YES YES YES! In our new dip we rescue lots of cauliflower, as 72% of each cauliflower-truffle dip exists of rescued cauliflower stalks and grit. Just like most of us do in our kitchen, the food industry mostly separates the cauliflower stalk from the cauliflower florets. That's why you never see the stalk of cauliflower/broccoli/... among the frozen vegetables in the supermarkets.
Actually it's a weird habit, not eating the stalks, as they are as nutritious as the upper part of the vegetable. Therefore we wondered: why not creating a tasty and healthy dip out of the cauliflower stalks? 

Another part of the cauliflower that's often spilled, is the grit of the cauliflower. Due to friction in the production process, the fragile endings of the florets are getting off. Sometimes these endings are used for the production of cauliflower couscous, but sometimes they are wasted.
That's why we also added the grit to the Wonky flow.

Cauliflower with a touch of truffle?

Yum yum yum! Truffle adds the magic touch to our new dip! 
Even if you don't really like truffle, just give it a try! 
The truffle paste we created is super yummy, a mix of mushrooms, summer truffle, porcini mushrooms, olive oil, black olives, capers, herbs and some salt.

You want to be the first to taste?

Woaaaa we can't wait for you to try our Wonky newbie! 
If you want, you can be the first Wonky Hero to try the cauliflower-truffle dip!

Or wait just a little longer (how long? Watch our countdown!) and get the new dip in the supermarkets we work with.