Grow your own herbs with leftovers from the kitchen


Grow your own with plant leftovers

Got some herb surplus? Then it might be easy to start growing your own plants in no time. Check out our tips and give your vegetal residues a second, fruitful life. 

So, what to do with leftovers of the next 3 flavorings and how to keep growing them yourself?


basil grown your own

We keep buying fresh basil plants in store, using it until the plant dies. Give the leftovers a second and more fruitful life, so you never have to buy basil plants in the supermarket anymore.

Cut a 2 cm part off at the top of your fresh basil plant and remove the lowest leaves until you only have the two upper leaves left. Put the tip of the plant under water and wait until the plant springs to life. When the roots are thick enough, you can take it out of the water and plant the basil. 

Grow your own basil with leftover scraps

Grow your own basil with leftover scraps


Lettuce is relatively easy to grow from leftover leaves. Put the leaves in a bowl with water at the bottom and place the bowl in the sunlight. Try to mist the plant with water twice a week. After a couple of days, roots will start to grow. Now you're ready to plant the lettuce in potting soil. Good luck!


Got some spring onion left from your delicious salad? Then use it to grow new, fresh spring onions yourself. Keep the ending of the leftover spring onion and put it in a little bit of water. When put in the sun for a couple of days, the spring onion will start to grow again. 

Grow your own spring onions with leftovers

Grow your own spring onions with leftovers


Easy peasy, just like spring onions. Put the endings of the stalks in a little water and wait until the roots grow. Next, put the roots in potting soil. It'll grow and you'll be able to take some whenever you need.

Well, now you got some inspiration on how to grow your own herbs with leftover scraps.
Easy, huh? Good luck and share your experiences with us!

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