Healthy burger with Wonky hummus and salmon

Healthy burger with hummus and salmon

As promised we would share the recipe of the foodblogger 'Mamasgezondetips' with you.
She created a healthy burger, perfect as an alternative to the burgers with way too much saturated fats and carbohydrates. How she did this? Well, she created a burger bread based on eggs, which results in a light kind of bread. Next, she did not use the typical hamburger meat, but replaced this by salmon, which contains the healthy kind of fat. Adding some vegetables to it, the burger becomes even more tasteful and healthy. Topped off with some Wonky hummus, instead of mayonaise or ketchup, the healthy burger is delicious! By the way, as kids sometimes ask for fast food, this is the perfect healthy fast food for them as well ;-)

Healthy burger with Wonky hummus and salmon

Healthy burger with Wonky hummus and salmon

Recipe for the healthy burger

How to prepare this healthy burger? Easy and in a nutshell!


  • For the bread (1 burger)
    • 2 eggs
    • 1 egg-white only
    • pepper & salt
    • a little almond powder
  • For the Wonky-salmon dip
    • 00 gr Wonky dip
    • 50 gr steamed salmon
    • 1 challot or red onion
  • The vegetables
    • 1 carrot
    • parsley


Mix the eggs and eggwhite with the almond powder and pepper/salt. 
Pour the mix in serving rings and bake them in rice oil. This takes a while.
Mix 100 gr Wonky dip with 50 gr steamed salmon and the finely chopped challot or red onion.
Now julienne the carrots and chop the parsley.
When the burger breads are ready, we can spread the salmon & hummus dip on them.
Finish the burgers with the fresh carrots & parsley and you're finished!