Have a Happy Wonky Halloween with these healthy Halloween snacks!


Wonky halloween with healthy, but freaky snacks


Scary Wonky vegetables

Even though you wouldn’t believe it at first, vegetables can be quite scary as well.
I would for example be scared to death if I see this frightening pepper face…

halloween snack - pepper face

Or what if you dig up the next horrifying old witch face?

Halloween snack - freaky

Or if you find this mysterious broccoli man in store…

halloween snack broccoli.png

These scary vegetables are of course rare and are not often found in your garden or store. And if they’re found, they’re probably thrown away before they reach the shelves. Because if vegetables/fruit do not look perfect, they’re often wasted… Read all about food waste on our website.

Therefore we inspire you with more easy and obvious examples of how you can pimp your Halloween with scary vegetables & fruit…

Halloween inspiration with vegetables and fruit

Halloween snack recept

Throw an original Halloween Party with these inspirational snacks. And for once, you succeed to stay healthy on this special day!

A skeleton of fresh vegetables with Wonky dip 

This skeleton of freshly cut vegetables is quite easy to prepare.
Get your favorite vegetables and cut them in pieces so to dip in the Wonky hummus afterwards…
Definitely use a cauliflower as the head of the skeleton, with a unique view inside of the brain, brrrrr! It also fits perfectly with the cauliflower-truffle dip, which you can use as the dipping sauce!

Another variant of fresh vegetables with Wonky dip, could be this frightening spider.

Halloween snack groenten.png

Eyeballs to eat, please 

Edible eyeballs, made of fresh radish and blueberries. Very healthy, but oh so creepy!

halloween snack.png

How to create these eyeballs? Easy! Remove the end of the radish greens and the radish green tip. Carve away the red skin in the pattern of veins, so to reach the effect of bloodshot eyes.

Now make a hole at that place where you had the green tip before. Put the blueberry, as the eye’s iris, inside of the hole. You created your own bloodshot eyeballs now! 

Take a look at my sweet brains

halloween snack brain melon

Discover the freakiest and sweetest brains, the melon brains. Easy to make and juicy to eat!
Check out how you can make this piece of Halloween art in no time…

Whatever you try out, don’t waste!

So we gave you lots of inspiration to throw an awesome and healthy Halloween party!
I’d say: GO FOR IT!

But we want you to remember one thing: DO NOT WASTE, BUT TASTE!
When you carve out the melon or halloween pumpkins, use the carved out pieces for soups, smoothies, etc. It would be such a pitty if you just throw it away!

Why we think it’s important? Because we are WONKY!
Read all about our story here:

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