Wonky dip as healthy snacks for kids


Healthy snacks for kids

Sometimes it can be difficult to convince kids to choose the piece of fruit instead of the cookies. Moreover you need to beg them to eat their daily portion of vegetables.
One reason for this daily struggle is that kids have more tastebuds than adults. That's why they react more heavily to the taste of vegetables, especially if they're bitter or sour. 
That's why, when sweet cookies are available, they'll probably prefer them over healthy vegetables or fruit. 
In this blogpost we'll give you some tips & tricks to make your kids snack healthy and eat vegetables.

How to convince kids to eat vegetables

You can convince kids to eat vegetables by giving the right example. That's the first and most important step you should take. Next, kids are sensitive to the looks and presentation of food. Try to make the vegetables as attractive as possible: create pieces of art, try new stuff with it,... Examples are: vegetables fries, roasted vegetable sticks as a snack.
Or... hide the vegetables by processing them and transforming them into a spread/dip for example.
With these simple tips you can make sure your kids eat enough vegetables and snack more healthy.

Wonky dips as healthy snack for kids

Wonky dips are perfect as healthy snack for your kids.
As they are purely made of vegetables (>50%) and chickpeas, they are a healthy alternative to other dips/spreads. 
While dipping, your kids are eating vegetables without realizing. The vegetable dips contain less calories and fat than many other dips you can find in the supermarkets. Therefore it's a healthier choice for you and your kids.

Wonky dip as healthy snack for kids

Wonky dip as healthy snack for kids