How to store avocado?


How to store avocado?

Avocados... Although they're delicious, they can be a pain in the ass. 
It's quite difficult to know when your avocado is ripe and when it's overripe or even bad.

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As lots of avocados are wasted due to being overripe, we give you some tips on how to preserve them.

Avocado, ripe or overripe?

Sometimes it's hard to tell whether it is already ripe. 
There's however a simple trick: check out the stem!

  • If the stem comes off easily and the flesh underneath is brown, then the avocado is overripe. Don't throw this away. But check out or overripe avocado recipes on the blogpost What to do with overripe avocados.
  • If the stem comes off easily and the flesh underneath is nicely green, the the avocado is ripe. Eat and enjoy! 
  • If the stem doesn't come off easily, the avocado is not ripe yet. You really looked forward to this delicious and healthy snack? Speed up the ripening process with the tips underneath.

How to keep avocados fresh?

To avoid unripe or overripe avocados, timing is crucial.
There are some tricks to prevent them to ripen too fast or too slow.

  • Preserve unripe avocados at an optimal temperature, which is around 20°C
    • So do not store them in the fridge as long as they're not ripe!
    • if you want them to ripe faster, put them in a paper bag (even faster? put them in the paper bag together with a banana or apple)
  • If the avocado is ripe, but you want to wait a little longer before eating it, you can store it in the fridge to keep them fresh longer
  • Once the avocado is cut into pieces or halves and you want to avoid brown avocado pieces, store the pit with it. Keep the avocado pieces away from air with food storage boxes. To be sure, you can sprinkle the avocado with some lemon juice. 
How to preserve pieces of avocado?

How to preserve pieces of avocado?

You want some more tips on how to preserve vegetables and fruits in your kitchen? Check out our blog post on preservation tips & tricks.