Start the new year in a healthy way


New year, new resolutions

Well, we all know it, a New Year comes with new resolutions.
And for lots of people this relates to being healthy: doing sports more frequently, cooking healthy, eating less sugar, drinking less alcohol, and so on…

To help you fulfill your new year’s resolutions, we’ll give you some practical and easy advice: start small.
There’s no point in radically changing your diet, starting to run a marathon like a fool, or starting any other so-called ‘fast way to a healthy me’. Because probably, you won’t be able to stick to this radically new behavior. Start small, looking for healthy alternatives to what you already do, so that it fits your lifestyle. Take the stairs, go to work by bike, take a walk in the park,… And concerning food: drink less soft drinks, go for infused water if you don’t like pure water; go for vegetables sticks instead of french fries and replace spreads full of saturated fat by more healthy alternatives. The latter, we can really really help with!

Healthy alternatives for your daily spreads

Spreads, it’s something people eat on their bread almost everyday. Unfortunately, lots of the common spreads are full of saturated fats, sugar, additives and other less healthy ingredients. Wonky provides you with healthy spreads, full of rescued vegetables and other good stuff. ‘Cause by turning food waste into healthy and delicious products, we want to make healthy snacking easier for you.

A healthier alternative

Wonky dips are healthier than many of the common spreads.
The basic ingredient is rescued vegetables, fresh veggies that would otherwise go to waste because of esthetic reasons (whut?!). Our guarantee is that every Wonky dip contains at least 50% of rescued vegetables. The other ingredients? Mainly chickpeas and herbs!


Our paprika dip and carrot dip contain lots of chickpeas. They are full of proteins, fiber and minerals filling you up and leaving you with a full stomach. Moreover chickpeas have the additional benefit that they reduce cholesterol.


Wonky dips are full of vegetables and chickpeas. They contain way less calories than other spreads you can buy at the supermarket. Moreover, and very important, they contain way less fat and almost no saturated fat, especially the paprika dip and the carrot dip (4g fat and less than 1g saturated fat per 100g). The perfect healthy alternative spread for you!!

Idea for your lunch

Yes yes, we finally found the healthy alternative to your commonly used spreads during lunch time.
And well, it’s not only healthier, but it’s also very very tastyyyyy! Combine the paprika dip with tomatoes, rocket salad and feta or try out the carrot dip with goat cheese and roasted pine nuts.

Foodbloggers also tested the dips and were enthusiastic about their delicious taste!

Foodbloggers also tested the dips and were enthusiastic about their delicious taste!

Try out these healthy combinations on your bread!

Try out these healthy combinations on your bread!

Start small

So, as said, start small. You will be able to stick to your new habits way longer when they fit your lifestyle. You eat spreads on your bread? Start a small change and choose healthier spreads!

Try it out and get yours in the supermarkets.