How to enjoy our newest Wonky dip


New Wonky dip in town

YAY, the moment we all waited for: a new Wonky flavor.
The cauliflower-truffle dip is heavenly good and perfectly fits autumn!

The first reactions to the new flavor are awesome!
The Wonky Heroes tested the creamy dip as aperitif, snack, topping during lunch and even included in fancy dinners…

How to enjoy the newest Wonky flavor

Healthy aperitif

Oh well, we can repeat this all along… Our dips are perfect for a healthy aperitif or tapas moment with your friends and family. That’s just the way it is, also with our new cauliflower-truffle dip. Add some crackers or fresh vegetables and enjoy your heroic time off…

Healthy toast

Because of the creamy texture of the cauliflower-truffle dip, this dip is perfect as a spread.
That way you can easily create a healthy toast during lunch, with a healthy alternative to other spreads that contain more saturated fat, sugar, etc.

The toast we love is the one below: spread a thick layer of cauliflower-truffle dip on the toast, add some pine nuts, rocket, black pepper and parmesan cheese. Off you go!


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Healthy lunch salad

A big fan of Wonky sent us this inspirational idea for a healthy lunch salad with the newest Wonky dip. Easy to prepare, delicious to enjoy as healthy lunch.

What she used to create this colorful salad:

  • rocket salad

  • corn salad

  • avocado

  • grapes

  • green apple

  • fresh shrimps

  • edamame beans

  • tomato

  • Wonky cauliflower-truffle dip

healthy salad with wonky cauliflower dip.png

Healthy fancy dinner

Ever used the Wonky dips in a fancy dinner recipe? Lots of bloggers do it!
They’re so creative that each time they come with a surprisingly delicious and healthy recipe!

This time we feature the recipe created by @sofievandenbrande.
Not only because it’s a fabulous photo, but also because it’s finger licking goooood!

She used the cauliflower-truffle dip as a basis on her plate.
Topped with freshly cut vegetables, bean sprouts and finished with homemade falafel!
Well hellloooo deaaar fancy-dinner-prepped-in-no-time!

fancy dinner recipe wonky.jpg

As you can see, our new Wonky flavor opens a world of possibilities to eat healthy easily!
So go get them you Wonky Heroes!