How we rescue avocados for our newest WonkyMole!

WonkyMole, a fresh guacamole made of rescued avocados

Oh yes, our WonkyMole is finally there!
The moment we were all waiting for, because we looove avocados.

wonky guacamole

Our Wonky guacamole is a fresh guacamole that is made of rescued avocados.
How these are rescued?

How we rescue avocados

We all know that the ripeness of an avocado is very difficult to judge.
Sometimes you buy a ready-to-eat avocado that doesn’t seem to be ripe at all once at home.
You wait for a couple of days and suddenly it became overripe…
How to evaluate the ripeness of those avocados? It’s soooo difficult and delicate!

That’s not only the case at your place, but also for the distributors of avocados.
Often they are taken out because of being a little too ripe or a little too unripe…
That’s where Wonky comes in!
Because we don’t want these precious and energy-consuming avocados to be wasted of course.

Wonky collaborates with sorting centers and buys their avocados that cannot be brought to the supermarket because of being a little too (un)ripe.
These fresh avocados are manually scooped out and processed into tasty and healthy guacamole dips.
Real WonkyMoles! Yay!

Ready to test it?

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