Wonky family gezonde dips.jpg

Meet the Wonky family

Wonky paprikadip.png

Wonky paprika dip

Meet BIG FLAVA, our Wonky paprika dip!
Thanks to its smooth texture it’s perfect for dipping or to sneakily empty the jar as healthy snack.



Truffle love.png

Wonky cauliflower-truffle dip

Made of cauliflower with a touch of truffle, this dip is rich in flavors. Dip or spread it, whatever, you’ll love it!

Me nicely spicy.png

Wonky carrot dip

This fresh dip is made of carrots who like it spicy!
With its fibrous texture it perfectly serves as savory spread during lunch or as topping on toasts.



Holy Wonkymole.png

Wonky guacamole dip

Our fresh Wonky guacamole dip, also called WonkyMole, is ready to conquer the world!