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Worldwide 1/3rd of all food is wasted

Worldwide one third of all food is wasted. Food waste is described as “each reduction in the food available for human consumption that takes place in the food chain, from harvest to consumption (OVAM).

Throwing away food not only costs money, but also negatively impacts the environment. As we do not only throw away the banana, but also the whole preceding process, i.e. the harvesting, transporting, packaging, cooling and preserving the banana. A real pity, isn’t it?


45% of all fruits & vegetables is thrown away

Almost half of all fruits and vegetables is wasted. They are very sensitive to damaging due to weather fluctuations or heavy transport. In addition, lots of ‘deformed’ vegetables are kept out of the shelves and residues get lost during food processing. Finally, some parts of vegetables we’re not used to eat, such as broccoli stems, are tasty, healthy and can be perfectly used for processing.


Who's responsible?


39% of all food waste takes place in the production phase, from harvesting to processing. Vegetables and fruits that do not meet the aesthetic criteria, due to damaging or deformity, are often thrown away. They are however just as good!
Real beauty is on the inside, right?
At the processing companies, waste takes place because of aesthetic reasons, efficiency considerations or overstock. Mostly these products are fresh and tasty!

Supermarkets want to meet the expectations of their customers concerning the freshness of the product and avoid empty shelves. As it’s difficult to estimate the daily amounts, they often have trouble with overstock. The good news is: supermarkets are increasingly selling surplus at a lower price or even donate it to food banks.

Hospitality is responsible for 14% of all food wasted. The biggest cause in hospitality businesses is wrongly estimating the number of customers a day and portion sizes.


The vast majority of food waste takes place at the consumption phase, in our own houses.

Often we waste food by wrongly estimating portions and misunderstanding due dates.
Do you know the difference between ‘Use by’ and ‘Best before’?

Wonky strongly believes we can tackle the food waste problem all together.
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1.080.000 ton

is wasted in the Flemish food industry

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