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The story behind Wonky

Wonky - The tasty way to rescue food

Wonky offers tasty and healthy snacks full of rescued vegetables.
That way Wonky wants to stop food waste.

No time to lose, because 45% of all vegetables is wasted.
With the Wonky dips & spreads we offer you an easy and tasty way to tackle the food waste problem.

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Say what? Rescue vegetables?

Yes sir, each Wonky dip is full of rescued vegetables.

We collaborate with Belgian food processing companies and give their surplus vegetables a second life.

The vegetables we use are perfectly qualitative. They would have been thrown away because of aesthetic reasons, efficiency or overstock.

Concrete examples of vegetables we rescue: broccoli and cauliflower stems, basil stems, wrongly cut carrots, bell pepper with pigment spots, etc.


Tasty, real tasty!

If we say tasty, we mean real tasty!

The dips are extensively tested by our Wonky Heroes.
Without their approval, the dips do not reach the store shelves.

In addition we collaborate with experienced production companies. They excel in processing the surplus into delicious dips.

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And it's healthy!

More? That’s right! The Wonky dips are also healthy!

The basic ingredient of each Wonky dip is the rescued vegetables, which is healthy, they say. Furthermore the dips are 100% plant-based, free of gluten and lactose. Soon they will be 100% natural as well, without any artificial additive.

That’s why the Wonky dips are the perfect healthy snack, healthy appetizer or healthy lunch. 


Have mercy on Wonky

What Wonky is trying to achieve, isn’t always easy. Help us follow the right path during this challenging adventure.

Relevant feedback is always welcome!